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Thursday, 21 October 2010


Adjectives in Italian must adopt the gender of the word they are describing, unless they end in "e", in which case they are basically Masculine (Pluralize with I)

Uno Signora magra (F1)
Un Signore magro (M1)
Un Uomo giovane (M1)

Like nouns:
(F1 => F>1) = (-a => -e) "EVA"
(M1 => M>1) = (-o => -i) "IGOR"

Words ending in -co or -go
(M1 => M>1) = (-co => -chi) - i.e. Polacco => Polachi

Words ending in -ca or -ga
(F1 => F>1) = (-ca => -che) - i.e. Austriaca => Austriache

Some exceptions:
Austriaco (M1 => M>1) Austriaci
Greco(M1 => M>1) Greci
Belga(M1 => M>1) Belgi

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