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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Igor and Eva

Every noun in italian is Masculine, Feminine, Singluar or Plural, how I remember this is


Where IGOR is Masculine, and EVA is feminine, the first letter is plural, and the third letter is singular

Albero = (M1) - Masculine singular

Bottiglia = (F1) -Feminine singular

Tavoli = (M>1) - Masculine Plural

Penne = (F>1) - Feminine plural

Now... the exceptions

A. Words ending in "E" in Singular

Tip: A word ending in "E" will always pluralize with -I even though the gender can be M or F.

A.1. Ending in -ORE, -ONE, -ALE, -ILE ARE M1
A.2. Studente, Bicchiere, Nome ARE M1
A.3. Ending in -IONE, -ICE, -AVE ARE F1

B. Words that do not change when pluralized

B.1. Radio, Moto, Foto, Auto (F1),
B.2. Foreign words
B.3. Ending in -ta or -t u

C. Words which take on an extra letter when pluralized

C.1. Words ending in Consonant + -cia or -gia (F1) loose last i when pluralized
C.2. Words ending in -co or -go (M1) add extra h when pluralized
(With the exception of Amico and Greco which pluralize M>1)
C.3 Words ending in -ca or -ga (F1) add extra h when pluralized

D. And Just some Randomness ...
D.1. Problema, Programma, Sistema, Poeta, are M1 despite ending in A
D.2. Professions pluralize depending on the gender of the person(s).
-ISTA => (M>1) -ISTI or (F>1) -ISTE
D.3. Dito, Ginocchio, Labbro change from M1 to F>1 when pluralized.

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